About us

We are DDDr. Micolini

At DDDr. Micolini, we work with an international team of qualified translators and interpreters. Expert knowledge, in-depth experience and extraordinary language skills are the tools of our trade. This is why we expect total subject-specific and linguistic mastery from our translators.
As a result, we are able to vouch for top performance every time!

Up for any challenge – no negotiation is too long and no discussion too difficult. We are specialists for consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpreting. Our competence is second to none! We offer maximum reliability. Our translators are fully committed to your cause – anywhere and at any time! The very best are on call to deliver superior service. Specialists are available for any subject area and native speakers for almost any language.
We are proud to satisfy any request you may have.

We handle translation and interpreting processes quickly and always with the defined goal in mind. This is what DDDr. Micolini offers you.